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Welcome to Kleenuppros!

Proudly serving the Durham Region, Kawartha Lakes, Scarborough, Barrie and surrounding areas
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Why Choose Kleenuppros?

Certified Professional Technicians
Environmentally Friendly Cleaning
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Available Monday to Saturday
  • Tailored Solutions: We understand that not all carpets are the same. Our approach is to assess your needs first and then tailor our cleaning methods to ensure the best results.

  • Advanced Technology: We invest in the latest cleaning technologies and carpet washers and cleaners to make sure we're efficient and effective. From deep cleaning to stain removal, we've got the tools to do the job right.

  • Eco-friendly Practices: Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. Our carpet washers and cleaners are safe for your family, your pets, and the planet.

Welcome to Kleenuppros:
Where Carpets Get a New Lease on Life!

Have you ever walked into a space and immediately felt uplifted because of how clean and fresh everything seemed? That's the kind of feeling we love to create here at Kleenuppros - The best carpet cleaning service in Ontario. Whether you're new to the world of carpet cleaning or you've been around the block a few times trying to find the perfect service, we provide you with the intel of what we do, why we do it, and how it benefits you.

At its core, Kleenuppros is more than just a carpet cleaning service in Ontario. We're a team dedicated to rejuvenating your home, office, or any space with carpet that needs a little (or a lot) of TLC. We know each carpet tells a story of cozy family gatherings, of hard-fought business deals, or simply of everyday life. Our mission is to ensure that this story continues with a clean, healthy chapter.

Our Services

Steering through the world of carpet cleaning services in Ontario can sometimes feel overwhelming. Let's break down our three core services to simplify your choices:

Home Sweet Home: Residential Carpet Cleaning Services in Ontario

Your home is your sanctuary, which is why we take extra care in ensuring our residential cleaning services, carpet washers, and cleaners leave your carpets spotless and smelling fresh. Have a tricky stain? We love a challenge!

Business at its Best: Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Ontario

First impressions count in business, and a clean, professional-looking office or storefront starts with the carpet. We provide swift and thorough cleaning services with the best carpet washers and cleaners that work around your business schedule, causing minimal disruption.

Our commercial carpet cleaning services in Ontario include not only carpet cleaning but also upholstery cleaning, ensuring every surface in your workspace looks pristine and inviting. Whether it's office chairs, sofas, or other upholstered furniture, our expert team utilizes advanced carpet washers, and cleaners to restore freshness and extend the lifespan of your furnishings.

Carpet Cleaning Kleenuppros
Upholstery Cleaning Kleenuppros
Commerical Cleaning Kleenuppros
Tile & Grout Cleaning Kleenuppros
Boat Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Kleenuppros
Mattress Deep Cleaning Kleenuppros
Stain & Odor Removal Kleenuppros
Rv & Trailer Carpet Kleenuppros

Special Care for Special Circumstances: Specialty Carpet Cleaning in Ontario

Got an heirloom rug? Or a carpet that's seen better days but holds sentimental value? Our specialty carpet cleaning in Ontario and carpet washers and cleaners are designed for those unique situations that require a delicate touch and expert knowledge.

Ensuring a Healthy Environment: Upholstery Cleaning in Ontario

Beyond carpets, upholstery plays a crucial role in the comfort and aesthetic of your space. Dust, allergens, and stains not only mar the appearance but also affect the air quality. At Kleenuppros, we extend our expertise to upholstery cleaning in Ontario, using gentle yet effective cleaning agents and methods that remove dirt, bacteria, and allergens without damaging the fabric. This service is ideal for homes and businesses alike, aiming to maintain a clean, healthy, and inviting environment. Whether it's your family couch, office dividers, or the seats in your commercial lobby, our team ensures every fabric is treated with care and professionalism, restoring its beauty and ensuring it's safe and clean for everyone.

Customer Testimonials

We'll be in touch shortly to schedule your cleaning appointment. Thank you for choosing Kleenuppros!


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The Kleenuppros Promise: Quality and Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Kleenuppros, we're not just about cleaning; we're about creating lasting relationships with our clients through unparalleled service and results. Our commitment to quality and satisfaction is unwavering, from the initial assessment to the final walkthrough. We take pride in our work, and it shows in every project we undertake. Our team is highly trained, courteous, and passionate about making a difference in your space. We're always here to answer your questions, provide advice, and deliver services that exceed your expectations. With Kleenuppros, you're not just getting a cleaning service; you're getting a partner dedicated to keeping your spaces clean, healthy, and vibrant for years to come.


In this journey towards cleanliness and rejuvenation, Kleenuppros stands as a pioneer of excellence in carpet and upholstery cleaning across Ontario. We invite you to experience the difference with us—where your satisfaction isn't just a goal, but a guarantee.

Cities Serviced

  • Ajax

  • Alliston

  • Aurora

  • Barrie

  • Beaverton

  • Blackstock

  • Bobcaygeon

  • Bowmanville

  • Bradford

  • Brechin

  • Brooklin

  • Cameron

  • Cannington

  • Claremont

  • Clarington

  • Coboconk

  • Courtice

  • Dalrymple

  • Fenelon Falls

  • Georgina

  • Hampton

  • Innisfil

  • Kawartha Lakes

  • Kirkfield

  • Lagoon City

  • Lindsay

  • Little Britain

  • Manilla

  • Markham

  • Newmarket

  • Norland

  • Oakwood

  • Orillia

  • Oro – Medonte

  • Oshawa

  • Pickering

  • Port Perry

  • Richmond Hill

  • Rosedale

  • Scarborough

  • Sebright

  • Shanty Bay

  • Stouffville

  • Sunderland

  • Sutton

  • Uxbridge

  • Whitby

  • Woodville

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